Written about Røgsignal

Written about Røgsignal

Written about Røgsignal

”In total, Røgsignal offers stylish and imaginative compositions, a tight and distinguished interplay, indeed, a sound that’s just lovely to be in the company of.”
Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske. June 2016 about ‘Pletter På Solen’

”There is a longing melancholy to the overall input and expression. Something dreamy and unexplainable.
Beautiful and soothing. The LP is thoroughly great.”

Ivan Rod, GAFFA. November 2016 about ‘Pletter På Solen’ 4stjerner

”The band’s sound has been described as fusion jazz incorporating different sounds and influences from Denmark and the wider world of music. It works like magic…”
Nick Davies, All About Jazz. June 2016 about ‘Pletter På Solen’ 3½stjerne

“A convincing demonstration that young, Danish jazz is neither dead, smells funny or in any way lagging”
Henrik Palle, Politiken (The biggest newspaper in Denmark). November 2018 on a live show on national radio.

”It is one of the greater pleasures when a band has worked this hard on its sound and expression. Røgsignals first album is ambitious and coherent.”
Niels Overgård, Jazznyt. June 2016 about ‘Pletter På Solen’

”… Røgsignal creates melodically beautiful and dreamy sounds..”
Politiken, July 2016

”Beautifully thought out and conceived semi-fusionistic music, with a egregious melodical vibe..”
Niels Christensen, JazzSpecial. November 2016 about ‘Pletter På Solen’

”Like small musical sunspots, Røgsignals melodies slide elegantly through a universe of tenderness and film-noir vibes. It’s difficult to have musical reservations towards music that is as excellent as on Pletter På Solen…”
Jacob G, Phonopolet.dk. November 2016 about ‘Pletter På Solen’

”There is something alluring about Røgsignals hypnotic indie-jazz that might not draw too much attention to itself, but keeps on poking until the small morse codes are assembled into thorough messages with great effect.”
Andreo Mielczarek, Aarhus Stiftstidende. February 2017 about a concert at Atlas, Aarhus.